Finley Home

Three Months


How is this li’l person three months old already? In the last month we’ve laughed, smiled, and looked at trees. Lots of trees. She kind of likes trees. And she was a princess, a pumpkin, and Supergirl for Halloween.

Saturday mornings now involve a half hour of Curious George on Dad’s iPhone. We lay on our backs on the bed and watch the little, inquisitive chimp— HE’S NOT A MONKEY— get into silly predicaments. And Dad makes chimp sounds.

Did she laugh? We think that she might have laughed. Might have. We haven’t been able to reproduce it.

Oh, and she rolled over! Both ways! I didn’t even know that there were two ways to roll over. Front to back and back to front. Yeah, Dad learns many things.

So three months this li’l Charm has been hanging out with us. We love her and judging by the smile— that stops time just like her mother’s— I’d say that she feels the same.

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