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Out With a Bang


“Go home, grab your stuff, get some lunch, and come back to the hospital in a couple hours.” On Thursday, August 7th our doctor sent us to be induced a week before our due date. We didn’t expect it or really plan for it.

A day and a half later we had a baby in our arms. Eight pounds, 13 ounces. Twenty-one and a half inches. Her name is Charlotte Meara Finley. As I posted on Facebook:

Before last week I’d only met one girl that could stop time with her smile.

It’s been a whirlwind of a week— which I had off from work for paternity leave— of diaper changes, small naps, feedings, and so many cute pictures of our beautiful girl. In her first week, we’ve been to Ted’s Montana Grill, Chipotle, Downtown Naperville, Which Wich, and shopping at Target. She barely cries— pretty much when she’s hungry— and sleeps most of the time.

And we love her so much.

But tomorrow I must head back to work. And not get to hold her small, squishy little hands all day. I just praise God that I’ve got two amazing girls to come home to.

Written by James Finley

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