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Naming a Human

Charlotte, Parenthood


God: And what about this one?
Adam: Aardvark. No, with two A’s.

There’s something weird about naming a human. We had both a boy and a girl name picked out ahead of time. Then she was born. Charlotte Meara. Like the spider. And like the wife of Aquaman. But “ea,” the Irish spelling.

But those first days of calling this new human something that you came up with… that you gave her. It feels weird. At least for me it did.

Kind of an Adam moment. Am I positive that platypus is the best name for this... is it a duck or a beaver? Will it hate me for calling it a rhinoceros instead of a unicorn? I mean, one horn, kinda says unicorn to me.

Naming a human is weird.

Written by James Finley

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