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I’m Not Broken

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“Are you okay?” If you too are an introvert, you’ve likely heard this more times than you can count. You’ve likely got the glare that follows it down pat too.

Our party just ended. My wife is an extrovert. She throws parties. Me, I'm crashed on our bean bag chair with my iPad and the “next thing” is the furthest thing from my thoughts. But what does she ask? “What do you wanna do now?”

Do you know what an introvert is? The shy guy or gal that doesn’t talk much, right? They might be, but at the heart of the definition is how one gets their energy recharged. The introvert loses their energy around people and gains it from being alone. The extrovert is the opposite.

So Nikki is super charged right now, and I’m exhausted. I love people. Well, I love some people. The people that were over tonight are people that I love. But now I need to curl up and rest. It’ll likely be a day before my batteries are recharged.

But I’m fine. I’m not broken. Nothing is wrong. Introverts are just different.

Written by James Finley

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