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Circle The Wagons

Sometimes when we get stressed and tired we decide to plow through it, full speed ahead, double our efforts. When’s the last time that worked for you?

I’ve learned a few things from being in the code for so long. When I’m tired, things don’t work well. When my brain doesn’t fire on all cylinders, I’m irritable, anxious, more likely to get stressed, and just not a fun person to be around. Like this, things usually don’t get done and, when they do, they don’t get done well.

Sometimes you need to pull back and regroup. Hitting something harder isn’t always going to work. For me, I’ve never seen it work. Circle up the wagons, head to the mountain top, take a car ride, go for a walk, it doesn’t really matter how you do it, but pull back and regroup.

In my life, it doesn’t matter what situation I’m in, this comes into play over and over. When I’m arguing with my wife— which never happens— and I start to become agitated, I pull back. Pushing forward becomes an emotional beating and that doesn’t resolve anything.

When I’m stressed at work over a client or a piece of code, I pull back. Letting that stress ride me makes me go to battle. I don’t like to win battles, I like to get stuff done and done right.

When you get to the finish line, do you want to turn and see your friends beside you or the bodies of those that got in your way strewn along the way?

Pull back, gather your wits, and return renewed.

Written by James Finley

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