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BBQ Bacon Sushi

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Been teasing Nikki all week about making sushi this weekend. Well, I made sushi this weekend. BBQ Bacon Sushi.

Each roll is made of 6 pieces of bacon laid out as a sheet on which a thin layer of ground beef (a quarter pound) is laid down. For us, we mixed some BBQ rub into the meat. Two mozzarella string cheese sticks are then put at the edge and used to roll the meat over tightly. BBQ sauce is spread over the roll after placing it on a cookie sheet. We made 4 of these rolls. Toss ’em in the oven for 40 minutes on 400°.

A roll was more than enough for each of us and they tasted great. Certainly a do again meal.

This meal is based off a recipe from Cook With Meat. Check out their recipe too.

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