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A New Year

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Well, we passed out soon after Charlotte did last night. Around 10. Yeah, parenting is tough. Even tougher is the resurgence of my shoulder pain and Charlotte and I catching a cold. Yup, Charlotte was sick for her first Christmas. But she kept smiling that rediculous smile.

So it’s a new year, is it? So this is when we make big, bold resolutions, right? I don’t like to do resolutions. Not really my thing. We have some loose goals. That we’ll do.

Lottie wants to chase Toby. And her new Sphero. If you have an infant, a toddler, full-blown kid, or teen, the Sphero is awesome. By the way. This article isn’t sponsored. But if you work for Sphero…

Me, I want to launch two apps this year. One is Bitsy Log. The other is yet to be announced, but I think you’ll like it. It’s something different for me and is requiring me to learn a bunch of stuff. Certainly something to watch for.

Nikki wants to do more with Charlotte. Stroller classes, swimming classes, and more awesome mommy stuff. Because she is an awesome mommy. And 2015 might be the year that we upgrade our living situation. Our one bed, one bath is getting a bit tight and might get smaller once Charlotte starts to toddle.

Oh, and Charlotte is 5 months next week. We missed the 4 month article, due to early December craziness. So what is the little Char doing? Scooting and consequtive rolls with the purpose of reaching a destination. I never thought of rolling to where I want to be. But she did. And now we are watching her. Non-stop. And last week, on the day after Christmas, she got to her knees. To reach for Sphero. Nothing had encouraged her to get to her knees. Until we got Sphero.

And the faint laugh we thought we heard two months ago? Yup, she now giggles more regularly. In fact, when she got Violet on Christmas day— thanks Mom— she giggled when it starting speaking to her. The whole room stopped to look. Yeah, her giggle stops the world just like her smile. Dad will soon be getting his concealed gun license.

So Merry Christmas to you and yours. And Happy New Year. We have a baby now, so this year is gonna be super exciting an awesome. Love you all. Peace!

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